Place yourself in the Cassio experience and get a taste of what you can expect before you come!

Cassio is noted for the quality of its experience at the hands of the most icnonic artists of the world, without neglecting the unconditional support of the new talent and trends.

We carefully selected our team members from a number of international and local interior design experts, sound and acoustic consultants, kitchen partner, graphic designers, DJs, landscape consultants and contractors who share our passion and vision.

Cassio is a place for those who enjoy groovy music and quality food that punctuate all hours of the evening.

Premium nightlife and cuisine come together in Cassio, to offer the best entertainment. G-spot production Group has reinvented itself with a new concept that makes everything different and more glamorous. 

With passion and commitment, Mr. Gilbert Yeung’s and Fabrizio Casiraghi translated a shared vision into reality. The style of Cassio is contemporary with a vintage twist : a taste of Europe in the heart of Asia.

Channelling vibes through multiple music genres we grew up with from R&B, Disco, House, 80’s, Latin, Salsa, or even a bit of Reggae and Deep / Tech House which we are currently in love with.

We would like our guests to enjoy their night within a convivial ambience and connect with the music and dishes we offer at